Friday, January 17, 2014

Superstition Mountain Museum!!!

We had a Blast at the Superstition Mountain Museum!!!

Gilbert Temple Open House

I just noticed that they are having a Half hour special on ABC 15 about the Gilbert Temple. It's Friday 1/17/13 at 6:30 pm. Check out the link here.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Letter for you!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This May we welcomed a new baby into our family, Keira Westlyn. It was very special that she was born on Loriann’s Grandmother’s birthday. Some of the family was able to be in Arizona for Keira’s blessing as well. In August, we were saddened by the sudden passing of Tyler’s father, Mark. We miss him, but know we will see him again.

Tyler continues to work as a CPA. His firm recently changed its name to Mesquite Tax. He works a few miles from home and loves the commute. He keeps going to the midnight movies like the Avengers and the Hobbit.  He has enjoyed attending Suns & ASU games, including road games at the LA Coliseum & Arizona Stadium in Tucson (by the way, ASU brought home the Territorial Cup this year) although he has missed being able to share some of those experiences with his Dad. He is currently in the Sunday School Presidency.

Loriann quit working in October & is now a full-time stay-at-home mom.  This gives her some special one on one time with our new baby girl Keira.  She has been missing her family, who are now all living out of Arizona.  She has been getting to know others in the ward through book club and Choir. She just had a great time at the Piano Guys Concert.  Being able to volunteer in Kaylin’s classroom at school has been a highlight this fall. She currently teaches the 8 turning 9 year olds at church.

Kaylin (5 ½ years) started full day kindergarten this year. It was an adjustment going from part day to full day school, but Kaylin handled the transition like a pro. She loves school & especially loves when Mommy is able to volunteer in her classroom. She also enjoyed a field trip at the Zoo with Daddy & (while playing hookie from school) Rise of the Guardians later that afternoon.  Somebody forgot to tell her it was December, as she played in the Splash pad on the way out (Only in Arizona). She was excited when Grandma Hammy came to see her in the Primary program. She enjoys having Zack as a playmate & loves making Keira smile.

Zachary (3 ½ years) is always on the go, with seemingly boundless energy. Our park has been a great place to run it off.  Lately he has been riding his bike down the green hills backwards & just loves it. He loves to wake up Mom & Dad at 6AM many days & drink his Oval tine, just like Ralphie. He loves going to Suns games with Daddy & you don’t need to show him the way to the Gorilla Greenhouse Playground anymore. He started Pre-School this year & has the same teacher as Kaylin from last year.  He loves Thomas Trains, Lightning McQueen, & any kind of Monster Truck.

Keira (7 Months) has brought a wonderful happy presence to our family.  She seems to smile everywhere she goes.  She was definitely the easiest of the Pregnancies, Labor, & Deliveries.  She started sleeping through the night very quickly.  Lately, she just loves to sit up & is getting closer to standing on her own.

As we have gone through this eventful year in our lives, we are truly grateful for the Bounty of Tender Mercies that the Lord sends to us each day.  We hope that you will always feel the love of our Family to yours.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Love Tyler, Loriann, Kaylin, Zachary, & Keira 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

iPhone 5 Box Prank - Randomness

I thought this video was pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Pictures From the Last few Months

Kaylin Feeding Keira before going to bed

Kaylin loves Doc McStuffins

Too much partying, he just passed out from too much Chocolate Milk

I love these smiles and we see them all day!!

First Day of School, With Charly as well

First Day of School

Mark's Funeral Display

Coffin and Box before Burial

Great Grandma and Keira

Flowers after the Burial

The day after and Visits from Aunt Kerry, Cousin Carolyn, and Grandma Jeniene

Zack getting ready for bed in the best pajama's money can buy.